The life of a corporate portrait photographer who likes to shoot just about anything.


The Train


Trains. High speed. Low Speed. Sightseeing. Commuting. Whatever.
A wonderful way to travel.

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High Heels

Women's High Heel Shoes

Photograph from an assignment several years ago.
B&W film, photographed, processed and printed in my darkroom.

Making Movies…

London, England, Thames, Filming, Movie, Hollywood

…in London.
Photograph taken years ago.
For those never having been to London,
this is where the London Eye will be built.
I wonder what they were filming.


Sunrise at the North Rim at the Grand Canyon

…on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
(Yesterday was Sunset at the South Rim.
I thought it nice to show a new day
on the North Rim.)


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