The life of a corporate portrait photographer who likes to shoot just about anything.


Bees & Flowers

Bees, Flowers

Mother Nature at work.
We all have our jobs.

Summertime Fun

amusement park ride

Part of the ritual for the Summertime vacation
is enjoying rides at an amusement park.
And, a hidden part of that ritual, is getting dizzy,
losing our lunch and screaming in terror
while on that ride.

The Sunset


A lighthouse, a wind turbine and the setting Sun.

Walking on the Moon


Today is the 45th Anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s walk on the Moon.

Antique Cola

coca cola soda machines

Very old soda vending machines.

The Lighthouse…


…surrounded by water on a small patch of land.

Man in a Suit

ice skating

The only way to ice skate – wearing a suit & tie.


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