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Epcot, Disney World, Florida

The evening sky in Epcot, Disney World, Florida.

Travelin’ in England

Dover Castle, Dover, England

Dover Castle, Dover, England.
The entrance pictured is on the North West side of the Castle.

Lunar Eclipse

lunar-eclipse, blood moon

I’m a student of astronomy. I have my own telescope, great astronomy software – Starry Night - and look forward to those “special events” when they happen. Unfortunately, what seems like 99% of the time, it’s overcast when they occur by me. Case in point – the “Blood Moon” lunar eclipse that occurred the other night. When I learned of the impending eclipse, my first thought was, “Overcast”. And, sure enough, it was. And raining.

I saw and photographed a lunar eclipse once – in 1989. That’s when I took the photograph above. And probably the last time the sky wasn’t overcast. (Actually I’m kidding with that comment. I did also photograph Comet Hale-Bopp in 1997. THAT was the last time the skies weren’t overcast.)

Today is my 30th Wedding Anniversary


My wedding photo – Then and Now.

Riding the Train in England

Train, England

Traveling on the train to visit Dover, England, home of Dover Castle.
Looking out the window, I don’t know what town is visible out of the window on the journey.

Superman’s Conflict

london, england, phone booth

While in London, which one will he choose?

The American Landscape

monument valley, arizona

Photograph made at sunset in Monument Valley.


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