The life of a photographer who likes to shoot just about anything.

Amateur Glory


The New York Times want your photos – click here! The Times is not the only news organization asking amateurs for their newsworthy images but, unfortunately, amateurs are happy to oblige. I agree, it’s exciting to see your stuff in the newspaper, on the internet or on television. You call up the relatives and say, “I’m a professional photographer now!” But there’s one caveat – you’re not getting paid. Check out the request by the Times. At the bottom, in small, grey lettering it says – “You are agreeing that we can use your submission in all manner and media of The New York Times and that we shall have the right to authorize third parties to do so.” Do you know what this means? If you’re lucky enough to capture a great moment – it doesn’t have to be a tragedy – just something that everyone wants to know about – and you give that photo to the Times, they can use and SELL it to whomever they want. Let’s not exaggerate – I’m not talking a million bucks, but say it makes $500, $1000 or even $2000…you’d rather just have a congratulations from Uncle Ted on your photo skills and a pat on the back from a “respected” newspaper?! Is it really that great and wonderful to be taken advantage of? At the very least, ask for compensation. The real pros do.

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