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Film is Fading Fast

An article in the British Journal of Photography discusses the “end of transparency” – e.g. end of slide film. I appreciate and understand the value of digital cameras and what they do, but I never expected to read about film fading in my lifetime. Polaroid is dead – not the company but the instant film. (Some remaining product can still be found and purchased. Fuji does still make an instant film but I haven’t used it.) Kodak doesn’t produce B&W photo paper anymore. How much longer befor any of the other film products fade away?

Going down to the corner store for a quickie (not pro) print is almost dead. A Costco near my house still develops and prints color film. I pulled out some 35mm B&W negatives recently, and in order to share them with friends, I had to scan them. In the past, I would have gotten some prints made and passed them out. These images weren’t of some important, fine art assignment. They were photos from my teenage years with friends. I have more that I want to show so I have a lot more scanning to do. My comments aren’t meant to bash digital. I had expected both formats to exist side-by-side for years. I want to return out west (if you’ve read any of my previous entries, you know how much I love it there) with my 4×5 view camera. Will I even be able to?

The above image was shot with 35mm Ektachrome. (These comments are a continuation of what I wrote on Feb 15.)

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