The life of a photographer who likes to shoot just about anything.

Feeling Nostalgic

One afternoon, sometime last year, I was invited over a friend’s home to sit back, relax and view some slides his Dad had taken decades ago. My friend’s father was an avid photographer. He shot parades, the New York City skyline, aerial views from a airplane, Christmas time at home and on and on. It was fun to view slides of my hometown – Paterson, NJ. I never knew that Captain Video appeared in a parade on Main St. It was a little bit of history for me.

Then we came to the photograph above. As I viewed the image, my heart raced with excitement. I felt like I had discovered a hidden treasure. That I had found an old toy of mine that I loved. Or my Mother had never really thrown old all my old Superman comics. Here was a photograph of a grandfather with his grandson on his lap and teaching him how to smoke a cigarette. The only words out of my mouth, “I gotta have a copy of this.” Forget playing ball with your grandson. Never mind about taking him to the movies. Don’t even worry about how he’s doing in school. The only sure sign of a great granddad/grandson relationship is if he teaches you how to smoke. And, of course, if he buys you the cigarettes too.

(Image used with permission.)

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