The life of a photographer who likes to shoot just about anything.

Indiana Jones and the Photographer in the Warehouse

Remember that scene at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie – “Raiders of the Lost Ark” – when the Ark of the Covenant is put into storage. The camera pulls back to reveal an immense warehouse with thousands, possibly 100’s of thousands, of items in storage. Well the photo above is not that warehouse but it made me think of it. I had an corporate assignment from a client to photograph his place of business. When I was in the warehouse section I was raised up on a lift. I thought, “Here’s an opportunity to photograph a widescreen view of the plant.” Capturing such images usually requires, or at least is recommended, a tripod with panoramic head. I had the tripod but no specialty head. But I thought, “What the hell!”, I’ll try anyway. The 3 individual photos are shown with the “stitched” final image at the bottom.

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