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September Sunset

That’s the best time to photograph the sun setting over a section of Route 80 in western NJ. We all know that the sun moves in the sky. I’m not referring to simply the “rising and setting” actions, but “where” it rises and sets in the sky. This knowledge can be valuable when wanting to photograph the sun over a specific spot. I have used Google Earth to figure out certain shots I’ve wanted in the past. That is, to know when the sun will be over an area that I need to capture the image. (Using Google Earth is not the only program to use to gain this info. Here’s another one – The Photographer’s Ephemeris.)
I wasn’t looking to capture a sunset over Route 80. In fact I was simply driving east on Route 80, around 6 PM several years ago when I saw the sun in my exterior rear view mirror. I noticed where it was in the sky in relation to the highway. I thought it might make a good photo. Coincidently on Sept. 21st of that year, not realizing that it was the best day, I asked my wife to drive our SUV east while I sat in the back seat, rear window down, with my camera and telephoto lens. (I wondered what the passengers and drivers in other cars thought when they spotted some guy taking pictures in their direction.) We made several trips up and down the highway while I took photos. The image above was taken while we were driving westward and I was leaning out the window on the driver’s side (I’m, obviously, in the back seat.)

2 responses

  1. This is a fantastic shot. Thanks for explaining how you got it too. I expect there were quite a few confused motorists on the highway 🙂

    February 3, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    • I was expecting the police to stop me and ask what the heck I was doing. I had a 400mm lens on the camera. Not exactly something inconspicuous.

      February 3, 2012 at 12:52 pm

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