The life of a photographer who likes to shoot just about anything.

On Assignment with Musicians


Recently I was given the assignment of photographing musicians making music. I find this job to be both easy and hard. It’s the type of project that is difficult to put your own stamp of creativity on it. If the musician is a trumpet player, capturing that moment when he/she is at a fever pitch of playing isn’t a challenge. It’s a straightforward photojournalistic moment that displays the musician but not the artistry of the photographer. For me, that is what most “musician performance photography” is – simply getting the best shots of the player at work. But I like to try to put my own stamp on the moment and I think I succeed on occasion. Last year I photographed a close friend of mine, a guitar player, and I captured the moment in my own way.
I think I also put my own stamp on the above image. I added it to my Music Gallery on my Lifestyle Photography website.

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