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Star Trek

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I went to see the new Star Trek movie this weekend. I loved it.

I have been a Trekkie/Trekker since the beginning. Or almost the beginning. I started watching at the 3rd episode in 1966 and haven’t stopped. I, along with some friends, were at the first (and I do mean FIRST) Star Trek convention in New York City at the Statler Hilton Hotel in 1972. (The hotel has since changed hands and is across from Penn Station.) 500 fans were expected to show up. Over 3000 did, along with Gene Roddenberry and other notable guests.

As the years passed, I have watched hours of Trek reruns, the new spinoff shows, the movies, etc. In my heart, the original Star Trek with Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy  is (and always will be) my favorite.

Onto the new movie. Wow! Some serious Trek fans will debate the story and how much it deviates from Trek history and canon, but not me. They didn’t change anybody’s name (he’s not Captain Hornblower), it’s still called the Enterprise and the Federation and Karl Urban NAILS the character of Dr. “Bones” McCoy. (Urban must be channeling DeForest Kelly from the afterlife.) But it wasn’t just Urban, everybody did a wonderful job.

I won’t give any spoilers away for those wanting to see the movie but there were many references to the original TV show – including “tribbles”. And there was also a reference to the LAST spinoff Trek show “Enterprise”. Early in the movie, Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) was being called on the carpet for his actions and, in the background, are a collection of federation star ships and one of them was the Enterprise from the television show starring Scott Bakula.

The photograph above was made in 2006 in the Las Vegas Hilton. For several years the “Star Trek Experience” was on display there. There were gift shops, several restaurants, 2 Trek adventures (sorta like a ride), actors dressed up as characters and plenty of props and a history of Star Trek. And hanging from the ceiling were several ships. Very BIG ships. Above, on the left, is “Voyager” from the show of the same name, and the Enterprise from Star Trek:The Next Generation.

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