The life of a photographer who likes to shoot just about anything.

Grand Canyon and the Colorado River

Grand Canyon, Colorado River

The image above was inspired by Sebastiao Salgado. As a working photographer one might assume that I have a long list of photographers who inspire me. And one would be wrong. I have spent my life paying attention to filmmakers like John Ford and Alfonso Cuaron while only casting brief glances in the direction of photographers. But there are those exceptions and Sebastiao Salgado is one of them. I discovered his work years ago in the NY Times Sunday magazine article on the oil fields in Kuwait that Saddam Hussein blew up during the first Gulf War. Mr. Salgado’s images were breathtaking.

This past Christmas I bought myself his recent book “Genesis”. If you are in a bookstore, it is worth your time to, at least, take a look. My only criticism of the book is that it should have been printed in horizontal format, not vertical. I don’t like seeing his amazing images printed across 2 pages with the fold in the middle.

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