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The Walk – Man on Wire – Philippe Petit

WTC, World Trade Center, Twin Towers

Several years ago I purchased “Man on Wire”. A documentary about Philippe Petit’s 1974 high-wire walk across the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers. I remembered the event but the documentary created a tension filled experience, something I NEVER experience watching a documentary, even though I knew the outcome – he lived. (FYI, after his famous walk, he came to Paterson, my hometown, and walked across The Falls. Respectfully, not quite as dramatic as the Twin Towers.)
With the release of “The Walk” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Petit, I went to see the movie. Even though it’s all computer generated, I cringed in my seat watching Levitt reenact the walk . It is hard to comprehend the skill and courage to perform such a feat.

I photographed the image above in 1977. I was on top of the building. The pedestrian walkway where I stood was shown in the movie. In my image you can see the Tower’s railing in the lower lefthand corner. That railing, not the spot I photographed, was what Petit stepped OVER to walk to the other tower. Holy cow!


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