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Iceland – The Land of Fire & Ice


Iceland.  Iceland – The Land of Fire & Ice – My collection of Iceland images.

A country, approximately the size of Kentucky, with a population of 330,000 people most of whom live in Reykjavik, the capital. Iceland was on my bucket list because of my love of space science. Visiting the country offered me an opportunity to imagine standing on Io, Europa and Callisto – 3 moons of Jupiter. Io is a volcanic moon. I didn’t see an active volcano but visited several dormant ones. Europa is an ice planet. I saw glaciers and icebergs. And Callisto has an lifeless dark surface, not unlike some places I visited.
I traveled the Ring Road – Route 1 – an approximate 800+ mile drive. I saw landscapes that have been viewed in movies and television shows like “Games of Thrones” and “Interstellar”. It’s obvious why Hollywood comes to film. It’s for the same reason I visited. Iceland is another planet. And an extremely beautiful one.
My wife and I landed in Keflavik Airport and our first stop was the Blue Lagoon – a geothermal spa. Over the next week we traveled to Hverageroi, Djupivogur, Kirkjubaejarklaustur and a dozen other places with names impossible to pronounce. I quickly admitted defeat and referred to a location by it’s first letter – “We’re going to “A” town – “Akureyri”. Kirkjubaejarklaustur was “Captain Kirk”. And on and on and on.
I saw geysers, the ones in Iceland were first given the name “geyser”, waterfalls, the largest one in Europe is in Iceland (Iceland is part of Europe), immense dried lava fields (literally dozens and dozens of miles in size, and in many places), glaciers and icebergs and dormant volcanos (as mentioned), and villages with a VERY small populations. We ended our journey in Reykjavik where we explored Laugavegur (road – they don’t used “street, road, drive” or any other identifying word after a street). Laugavegur is where the shopping and restaurants are for the tourists. It’s also where I ate in the “Chuck Norris Grill” and the “Big Lewbowski Bar”. Normally I avoid American restaurants in a foreign country, but these were irresistible (and the food and atmosphere were perfect).
I loved being in Iceland but didn’t realize just how much until I got home and looked at my photography. Hopefully in a few years I’ll be able to return.

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