The life of a corporate portrait photographer who likes to shoot just about anything.

New Jersey Photographer

Near Death Experience

plane, pool, swim, swimming

April 1st.


Provincetown in a Fog


The Provincetown cemetery and Pilgrim Monument are visible through the fog and mist.
Photograph was made several years ago with 35mm film.

Travelin’ in Style!

Muscle Car

From an assignment several years ago.

The photography of cars is usually not what I do,
but when the opportunity arises, I take it.

Memorial Day 2012

To all the men and women….Thank you.

An American Abroad – The Journey Continues

The London Eye in the evening. I spent the end of the day sitting on the London Eye side of the Thames watching the sun go down, the night sky surround me and the lights glow on Parliament and Big Ben. What a perfect and beautiful time.

A Beauty in the Sky


I arrived at 6:30 AM this morning to Liberty State Park in NJ, directly behind the Statue of Liberty. Today the NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise would be flying over the Statue and New York City I wanted to be early. Boy, was I. Slowly others started to trickle in, the crowd grew and the News people showed up. I had a very friendly bunch of folks around me and we talked, and we waited. The weather was breezy and chilly, and we waited. We were very excited.
Finally,at the appointed time, directly over the Verrazano Bridge there she was. Flying in our direction. A beauty in the sky.

Children are Children

A group portrait taken back in the 1970’s in my hometown Paterson, NJ (home of the great Lou Costello). I love the girl in the center with her eyes averted to (our) left, starring at her taller friend. And I wonder where these children, now all adults, are today.