The life of a corporate portrait photographer who likes to shoot just about anything.

New Jersey Portrait Photographer

Near Death Experience

plane, pool, swim, swimming

April 1st.


(there are no) Answers to the Mysteries

(there are no) Answers to the Mysteries

My new (humor) book is available here – (there are no) Answers to the Mysteries – on Amazon.

“While on an archeological expedition in Egypt, Dr. Salmon discovered the ancient tomb of King Itacher, the only King never preserved as a mummy but was instead ‘freeze-dried’. Instructions written on the side of the sarcophagus declared that with the addition of 5 gallons of water, King Itacher would come back to life.”
“(there are no) Answers to the Mysteries” explores a variety of phenomena – Ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle, Life after Death, Reincarnation and Atlantis the Lost Continent. Are Aliens visiting us? Is Reincarnation real? Where is Atlantis today? Is Bigfoot alive and well?
The riveting narrative contains interviews with ghosts and scientists, farmers and college professors, people who have had contact with Bigfoot and the reincarnated. There is the story of a man who claims to be a descendent from Atlantis. Other excerpts include passages from the diary of a man who spent the night in a haunted house and another from the diary of a ghost trapped in a prison cell. Many strange stories are told but there are no clear answers.
The title of the book is “Answers to the Mysteries”, but please note the three words in parentheses “there are no”. The search for the answers continues amid the many interesting stories told. Who knows, maybe someday, someone will provide the answers that have eluded all of us.
Perhaps the biggest mystery to unravel is, “Why do dolphins have an easier time pronouncing the word “hullabaloo” than people?



fog, lake, boat

A boat on a lake lost in heavy fog.


leaf, raindrop

…on a leaf.
Photograph made looking out my bathroom window.

Valley of Fire

Valley-of-Fire-Goats, mountain goats

Mountain goats in the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

Good Morning from Gettysburg

Gettysburg, Morning, Fog, Foggy, Mist, Misty

Early morning fog in Gettysburg National Park, PA.

Sinking Ship

Boats in a harbor on a foggy morning in Cape Cod.

Early morning fog and mystery in the bay.
“The fog slowly rolled in and a monster arose from the sea.”
Time to film a horror movie.