The life of a photographer who likes to shoot just about anything.

Travel Photography

Grand Canyon Sunset

Sunset over the South Rim

Splish! Splash!

 Standing in the ocean watching my son being pounded by the waves.

Early Morning on a Lake

An early morning quiet moment on a lake near my home.

Time to Land

On occasion I’ve had the pleasure to fly in a small plane and make some photographs. Here we are coming in for a landing.

Where are my Glasses?

I wonder if the owner of the glasses found where he left them.

Self Portrait of a Teenager

My daughter took a self portrait.  I thought it was beautiful and amazing.

On the Road to Bath

Ancient Roman baths in Bath, England.

Heading to Work

You can’t dress as a clown unless you really ARE a clown.

Traveling in London

 It’s something you don’t see often,  a bicycle with a carry container in the front loaded with kids.

Life in the Desert

cactuses, desert, nevada, Life in the Desert

Life in the Desert.
Cactuses somewhere in southern Nevada.

Children are Children

A group portrait taken back in the 1970’s in my hometown Paterson, NJ (home of the great Lou Costello).

Sunset and the Statue of Liberty

Sunset and the Statue of Liberty

A Foggy Morning

This image could be a movie poster for ghosts and impending doom.

Art and Music

A musician looking at a painting with trumpet in hand.

Carousel on the Beach

A carousel on the beach in Brighton, England. A surreal moment where anything can happen.

The Eyes of a Little Girl

Shot with T-Max 400, developed and printed in my darkroom.

Ocean Sunrise

Sunrise and a happy young lady.

Traveling by Train

My favorite way to travel. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to ride the Yukon Railroad.

The Morning Mist

Foggy morning on Cape Cod Bay in Provincetown, Mass.

Times Square, New York City

Times Square is the center of the universe.

The Winter That Wasn’t

On the East Coast, in New Jersey, winter has been mild this year.

The image above was taken with a medium format camera in Sussex County while it was snowing.

Canyonlands National Park

Rainbow in Grand View Point Overlook in Canyonlands National Par

Rainbow in the early evening at Grand View Point, Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

The Window

I took this photograph several years ago while driving and exploring Sussex County, NJ.

Portrait of a Teenage Artist

My daughter sitting on her bed next to a tree she painted.