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Forest in the Abstract

Forest in the Abstract

Forest in the Abstract. Photograph taken on Cape Cod. Don’t recall exactly where the forest was but it was close to the Highland Light. This is not a painting, nor were any “filters” used. At the time it was raining and the water drops on the lens (in the top third of the photo) display a rainbow effect. For me, this image could be the cover of a horror novel.

Liquid Soap

soap, liquid, abstract

I poured one bottle of liquid soap into another bottle and magic happened.
My original purpose was to simply combine 2 half-bottles into one for convenience.

Breaking Bad – The Sequel

One more portrait.

Radiological World

Many years ago while a staff photographer in a hospital I used to produce a yearly calendar. One year I was given the opportunity to create medical abstracts. The project was photographed with a medium format camera and chrome film.