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Sunrise over Manhattan


Watching a New York sunrise before
boarding the plane and heading out west.

Coming in…

Plane, airport, cessna, landing

…for a landing.
On occasion I’ve had the pleasure to fly
in a small plane and make some photographs.
Here we are coming in for a landing.

Black & White Jet

Jet Plane, AirportPhotograph taken with b&w print film many years ago in Florida.
Don’t remember what airport the jet was sitting in.

Goin’ Home for Thanksgiving…

Sunrise at the airport before the big trip.

Instructions for the Traveler


So….What’s an “Odd Size Area?” Maybe a room that’s 10.6 x 8.4 x 6.7 x 23.10 x 3.2?

Not the usual type of photograph that I post, but I couldn’t stop laughing when my daughter pointed out to me this sign in the airport that we were in.

I have also returned from my travels with a ton of new imagery to sort. Expect to see some photographs from my trip over the next few months.