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Rollercoaster Mania

rollercoaster, amusement park ride

I avoid rollercoasters except for the occasional photograph.
My idea of a thrill ride is a rocking chair.

Funhouse Mirrors

amusement park, funhouse, mirrors

Who doesn’t┬álove those funhouse mirrors in an amusement park?
These mirrors were located on the boardwalk at Seaside, NJ.

Summertime Fun

amusement park ride

Part of the ritual for the Summertime vacation
is enjoying rides at an amusement park.
And, a hidden part of that ritual, is getting dizzy,
losing our lunch and screaming in terror
while on that ride.

Nighttime at the Amusement Park

Ferris Wheel, Amusement Park, Rides, Nighttime,

The usual destination during the summer.

Thrill Ride

Disney world, florida, roller coaster

Danger on a Roller-coaster.
Not real danger, but the kind
that makes you scream anyway.

I’m a professional.
Don’t try this at home.

Roller Coaster Heaven

roller coaster, amusement park ride

I avoid roller coasters except for the occasional photograph.

My idea of a thrill ride is a rocking chair.

An Upside Down World

roller coaster

Roller coaster mania.
I’m not part of that world.

Disney Terror

disney world

Expedition Everest – Disney Animal Kingdom – Disney World.
Normally I’d be too scared to venture on such a ride.
Needed to look brave in front of my family.
Plus, I do have a will, just in case.


amusement park ride, child, little girl

A summertime vacation ride at an amusement park
should be fun and exciting for a little girl.
So why is this little girl crying?
Because she doesn’t have the front seat on
this two person ride. Which goes to show,
even when you have everything you want,
disappointment is still a possibility.

Photographed in the days of film.
Processed and printed in my (former) darkroom.

Amusement Park Thrill

Amusement Park Ride

An old-fashioned, but simple ride, that is still one of my favorites.
And it’s about the only one I can still go on without losing my lunch.

Links (and not sausage links)


Amusement Park RideRegarding SEO, one of the important actions to work on is building quality links between your site and others. Obviously this takes time, and resorting to a “link farm” – companies that readily provide your website with 100s or 1000s of links – is not the way to go. Google will penalize you and you’ll wind up in the “phantom zone” (reference to Superman, for all the fans out there). My main website – RJGreen Photo – has built up a bunch of links. Photographers, many from England, have found my site requesting reciprocal links. (That is, I link to them and they link to me.) On my link pages I offer the option to any photographer wishing to do so, offering my code to input into their websites. While I’m small potatoes compared to the big guys I’m apparently attracting enough attention that non-photographers/photography websites want me to link to them. No, I haven’t received any from adult sites, but I have gotten them from marriage counselors.
I like to keep a check on my “link popularity” by using SEO websites to check my stats. Recently Google changed something with their search algorithm and my stats took a nose dive. Down into the single digits. I checked other websites whose stats I knew were excellent and they also nosed dived so I knew it wasn’t me, but all of my known links have disappeared. One way to check them is to google – I used to have pages of them. Not any more. Even my best quality links from ASMP are gone.
I know that Google does this periodically to weed out the scammers, but this one was the biggest drop for me. I hope everything rebounds soon.

The image above is how I feel.