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On the Road to Bath

Ancient Roman baths in Bath, England.

Bath, England

Bath, England

Have visited Bath on 2 separate occasions. Once in the 1980’s and returned in 2011.
A beautiful and interesting place partly because of it’s Roman history.

An American Abroad – On the Road to Bath

The last time I visited Bath was in 1984. It was a wonderful visit, discovering the ancient Roman baths, and seeing the Royal Crescent. I vowed to return, finally making that trip last year. Again, it was a wonderful visit with an unwelcome surprise – a section of the town  had become an outdoor mall that looked American in style. I am an American who is perfectly content to visit these malls back home, but my visit to England was to discover “England” and not see transplanted American designs.

Now, onto the Roman Baths. Wow! It is still wonderful and exciting. The photograph above is actually 2 photographs processed together. The day was beautiful but with extremes in light, from darker where the tourists were to a very bright sky. One solution is to have your camera on a tripod, taking multiple exposures and blending the photos together. I actually didn’t think about blending anything when I took the photos, concentrating on making the best photographs. It was back at home that I decided to blend 2 photos for an acceptable exposure. And they were photos taken at different angles making it a real challenge.

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