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Family of Zebras


Family of Zebras



The Zebra is a beautiful animal.

A Family of Zebras


A beautiful animal.

Valley of Fire State Park

Valley-of-Fire-Goats, mountain goats

Mountain goats in the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire, State Park, Nevada, Goats

Valley of Fire is a state park in Nevada near Las Vegas.
A member of a family of goats keeps an eye on me.

The Farm

Farm, farmer, farmer, farm animals

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
The Cows Know……

(It used to be “The Shadow Knows…”)

To Zebra or not to Zebra…


…That is the question!
Has the Zebra riddle been solved?
Are they black on white or white on black stripes?