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Watching the Watcher

Watching the Watcher, Artist, art, Painting, Art lover

Who’s watching who?


Iceland Art

Iceland, Art, Painting, Building, Abstract Art

Traveling on the Ring Road (Route 1) in Iceland, I happened across this
creatively decorated building on the side of the road.
FYI – this structure sat all by itself. There were no other buildings of any kind.

Observer at the Museum

Museum, Art, Paintings

Lost in thought at the art museum.

Street Art

Graffiti, John Lennon, Art, Street Art

John Lennon. In Living Color.

Molten Metal

Aluminum, Molten Metal, Artist

An artist at work pouring melted aluminum into a mold to create a sculpture.

Washington Square Park Artist

An artist works on his painting in Washington Square Park in Man

An artist in Washington Square Park, New York City, paints the arc

Cape Cod Art

Cape Cod, Provincetown, Marilyn Monroe

I returned from my annual trip to Provincetown, Cape Cod.
As always, a wonderful time full of artistic moments.
Someone painted Marilyn’s image in Warhol’s style on a garage door.