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John Lennon

Graffiti, John Lennon, Art, Street Art

John Lennon. In Living Color. New York City.


Chinese Art

Chinese Art. Chinese Sculpture, Art, Museum

Chinese art on display at the museum.




A Chair in Iceland

Iceland, Ring Road, Route 1, Chair, Mountains, Overcast, Clouds

Spotted somewhere on the Ring Road tour (Route 1) in Iceland.

The Tunnel

tunnel, san francisco, california

The light at the end of the tunnel.

Twilight Zone

Comic Con, New York, Twilight Zone, Cosplay

New York Comic Con guests dressed as the doctors from the Twilight Zone episode.

(Almost time to buy this year’s tickets!)

Rollercoaster Mania

rollercoaster, amusement park ride

I avoid rollercoasters except for the occasional photograph.
My idea of a thrill ride is a rocking chair.