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Badlands Milky Way Universe

Badlands National Park, Milky Way Galaxy

The image is of the Milky Way Galaxy, photographed in the Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

Nighttime in Moab

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah, Nighttime, Night, Stars, Universe

The Universe and the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Utah.

The Universe

Milky  Way Galaxy, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah, Astronomy, Night sky, Stars

A view of our Milky Way Galaxy from Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.
On the left side, the dotted light is a plane.
On the right side, the white line was a meteor burning up in Earth’s atmosphere.

Badlands Milky Way Galaxy

Badlands National Park, Milky Way Galaxy

Last week I posted on my other blog taking a portrait photo of my daughter in the Badlands National Park while we waited for the sky to darken and the Milky Way Galaxy to appear so we could take photos. (The post I am referencing – Portrait in the Badlands.)

The image above is one of the Milky Way Galaxy photos I made. Let me add, it’s not easy when the only practice I get taking astronomical photos is once a year “IF” I make a trip out west. Really dark skies for this type of photography isn’t easy to come by in New Jersey. I have photographed the moon and a comet, but those images didn’t present the challenge the photograph above presented.

Full Moon over Provincetown

Provincetown, Cape Cod, Nighttime, Stars, Astronomical, Astronomy photography

The town is Provincetown, at the tip of the Cape.
When the Moon is full, it glows like a midnight sun losing all detail.
The glowing point of light at the bottom middle
is Pilgrim’s Monument.

The Night Sky…

Provincetown, Cape Cod, Nighttime, Stars, Astronomical, Astronomy photography

…and a full moon over Cape Cod.