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Bath, England

Bath, England

Have visited Bath on 2 separate occasions. Once in the 1980’s and returned in 2011.
A beautiful and interesting place partly because of it’s Roman history.

Bath, England

The Crescent, Bath, England, Great Britain

Several years ago I returned to Bath, England. My first visit was in 1984 when my wife and I traveled to Bath, England. An amazing place to visit. At the time, I spotted “The Crescent” from the bus we were on, and knew someday I’d return. I had to walk the grounds.

Bath, England

Bath, England

A view of the architecture.

Love is All Around…

Bath, England, Lovers

Photograph made in Bath, England.

March of the Tourists in England

Tourists, Bath, England

A group of tourists, led by their Commander, march in Bath, England.
They were just a few blocks from The Crescent.

The Roman Baths in Bath, England

Roman ruins in Bath, England

It was in 1984 when I first visited Bath, England.
It was an amazing trip to see the Roman Baths.
I knew that I’d return someday and that was in 2011.
Difference between 1984 and 2011? A lot more crowded.