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Haven’t we all been there?


Portrait at the ocean with a 4×5 view camera. Not the easiest thing to do.


ocean, swimming, swim, wave, beach, boy, splash

Now that it’s (finally) getting warm, I’m dreaming of summer.

At the Jersey Shore

children, boy, girl, ocean, beach, vacation

As winter and those freezing temperatures arrive,
I’m thinking about those fund times of going to the
shore with my son and daughter when they were kids.

Happy Father’s Day to All

Two-Jason Portrait - child - girl

My 2 best reasons for living.

School Bus

School bus, student, boy, education

Several years ago I had to opportunity to photograph a children’s calendar.
It was a wonderful project where I could pick the children and
the places to photograph them. All photographs were taken in B&W,
film developed and printed in my darkroom.


Haven’t we all been there?

Life Moves On

Portrait of a child

My son is entering his junior year in college. What makes it different is that he’s leaving home. While he’s not completely moving out, he’ll return when school is not in session, it is something that I haven’t really been prepared for. His mother, sister and I dropped him off yesterday at his dorm. We helped in move in, moving all his clothes and other items into his room. He has been very excited about this move, but on the day of the event, he was nervous. I am confident that he will acclimate to his new environment quickly and succeed in his studies, but I’m not so sure how long it will take me to accept this new reality. It’s only one day but I am missing him already and it’s going to be a month before I see him again. The longest we’ve ever been apart was a week, when he went away on vacation with his buddies. I guess that I should consider myself lucky that he’s attending an in-state university and he’s only two and half hours away, and I have texting, email and video conferencing to keep in touch, but he’s not under my roof. I can’t just walk into his room and see him sitting on his bed. His education is an investment in his future – both career and family – but the time I have spent with him has been wonderful. I really don’t want it to end.

The photo above was taken on his first day in kindergarten. It is my absolute favorite picture of him.

Happy Birthday to my Son

Life is wonderful with him.

On Being An American on the 4th of July

Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Britain, said it best in his memoir:

“A friend of mine whose parents were immigrants, Jews from Europe who came to America in search of safety, told me this story. His parents lived and worked in New York. They were not well off. His father died when he was young. His mother lived on, and in time my friend succeeded and became wealthy. He often used to offer his mother the chance to travel outside America. She never did. When eventually she died, they went back to recover the safety box where she kept her jewelry. They found there was another box. There was no key. So they had to drill it open. They wondered what precious jewel must be in it. They lifted the lid. There was wrapping and more wrapping and finally an envelope. Intrigued, they opened it. In the envelope were her U.S. citizenship papers. Nothing more. That was the jewel, more precious to her than any other possession. That was what she treasured most.”

Happy 4th of July.

Happy Father’s Day – to me

My 2 best reasons for living. And this is when they were cute.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom.

Trust No One

Trust no one.

“Old-Fashioned” Photography

Above is an image taken in 2000 with my 4×5 view camera on the beach at Wildwood, NJ. I was on vacation at the time with the family. A 4×5 camera, as everyone knows, is not exactly your typical point-and-shoot. Luckily I have a family that is willing to wait while I say, “just one more second.” When I go back out west, this camera is the one I want to bring with me.