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Travelin’ by Bus

Not my favorite way to travel.


Best Seat in the House!


Personally, it’s not my idea of the best seat in the house.

Happy New Year!

Travelin’ by Bus

I haven’t traveled by bus – I mean long-distances – since I was a kid. Every summer my Mom and I would hop the Trailways bus to Washington, DC to visit for a week with my aunt. Sometimes we would continue on south to North Carolina to visit another aunt who lived there. It was probably the main mode of transportation for many people who grew up during the 1960’s. Not many folks were flying yet. And while I have great memories of visiting family, especially to the Capital and seeing all the monuments, the actual trips by bus were never any fun. They were a necessary evil. Buses are needed in cities like New York, but for long-distance trips? Please, no. Never again.