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I showed up for an assignment with a Fortune 500 company.
They needed images for website and advertising.
The art director marveled at my new camera.
“Kodak?” he asked, confused. “Never heard of them.”
“Uses film,” I said. “It’s an Instamatic.”
He nodded but I knew he was confused.
“It’s the latest craze,” I assured him.”See, it was used by the USA Olympic Team!”
“Fantastic! Let’s get to work!” he answered.


Portrait of Teenage Angst

Teenagers. At one time we were one and while I wish I still had my 19 year old body, I really don’t want my 19 year old mind. The image above was taken with telephoto zoom lens and a flash that was propped up on the ground and remotely triggered.

Camera Stolen?

Just in case you have a problem, here’s a website that might be able to help – Camera Stolen. A photographer on APAnet/Yahoo Group wrote about a photographer getting all of his equipment back using this service. If you’re a member of the group, you can read about it here. If you’re not, you can always join.