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A Day in the Life

Life begins anew. Photograph taken when I worked in a hospital.

The Bird

Bird, Water Fountain

Time for a drink.

A Count Basie Trumpet

Count Basic Orchestra

I love big band music, and when the Count Basie Orchestra
is involved, well, it just doesn’t get any better.
I was on assignment, backstage,and captured this image of
a trumpet player warming up.
(I asked his permission to take the photo. I was only
a few inches from him and thought it was the
polite thing to do.)
And the music that night?
Well, I was in heaven.

The 1970’s… The Sequel

Candid street portrait

The young man on the left was my best friend growing up and I wrote about him in a blog entry titled “The Effects of Friendship”.

Here, he is pictured above with a gentleman who frequented the bar not too distant from where we were standing. And, I might add, he might have just walked out of the bar a moment before I snapped this photo.

For me what makes this photograph special is that my friend is holding a box of Glad plastic bags. I gotta wonder why.

Garbo Lives…

While walking the streets of New York, I happened upon Garbo.
She’s still hiding from her adoring fans.

A Day in the Life

A number of years ago the “Day in the Life” series of books were very popular. I was a staff ¬†photographer at a hospital at the time and suggested to my director that I should shoot a “Day in the Life” at work. The idea was a go. The entire hospital was alerted. I had one assistant. We started at 4 AM and ended around 9 PM. The hospital had several campuses that were miles apart and we visited all of them. I photographed in the kitchen, operating rooms, administrative offices, day care, senior care facility, maintenance shop, VIP meetings, etc. I shot a ton of film using color and B&W slide film. (Yes, there was a B&W slide film. Don’t remember the brand.) And we were exhausted at the end of the day.
Eventually select images were printed in the annual report and a slide show was produced. Shown above is one of the images taken in the morning. To see a few more from the day I created a web gallery – A Day in the Life. Take a look and tell me what you think.

The World of Musicians

My closest friend growing up was a musician. However I am not one. My musical talent is non-existent. I whistle pretty good but that’s about it. And, like the rest of the world, I know what kind of music I like. I have photographed musicians over the years. Sometimes on assignment. Other times it’s candid photography. I recently updated a Musicians Gallery on my Lifestyle and Portrait website. If you take a look, click on Music, and let me know what you think.