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The Bubble Man

Street vendor, NYC, New York City, Manhattan, Bubbles

New York City street vendor selling bubbles!
Quick! Come get yours!



The young lady is my daughter giving me that special look.
“Why are you annoying me Dad?”
“Because it’s what I do best!” I answer.
We were in Las Vegas at the time.
The best place to be annoying.



Apparently birds are capable of much more than I realized.

What’s to learn? Keep your camera ready because you never know what life will bring.

High Fashion


It’s always good to have your camera because you never know what you’ll see.

Capturing the Moment

Artist Painter

As a photographer, it’s all about “capturing the moment”. Whether it’s a studio assignment or candid street photography, it’s the same thought. In a studio where all the elements are being controlled (hopefully), the models before the camera understand the goal and work towards it along with the photographer. He/She also has to find/motivate/discover where that “moment” is while working with the cast and crew. And this approach is also important if you’re a still-life/catalog photographer. If it’s a box of bandaids, probably not, but if is an expensive watch, your client expects you to make that watch appear “irresistible” to the consumer. You’re still “capturing the moment”.
Street photography adds a layer of complexity to the “moment”. Walking and watching people, situations, events may or may not bring a “moment”. And there is still the “control” element but not like in a studio situation. The camera/lens/exposure settings and choice of subject are one part of the equation, but now you also have the time of day, weather, location and the scientific concept of “chaos theory”. Gotta love that! Keeps you on your toes.

The amateur photographer uses his camera to “take” an image while the pro looks to “make” a photograph, like a painter does. The control of the elements combined with serendipity.┬áThe image above was captured last year – an artist at work. The question is, “does he like what he’s painting?”