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A Foggy Moment

foggy road

A Stephen King moment while driving.


The Car

car, antique, old

Beauty and style wrapped up in an antique car.

59th Street Bridge

New York City, 59th Street Bridge

A view of the 59th Street bridge in Manhattan.
The bridge connects Manhattan to Queens and travels over the East River.
Manhattan is on the right. Queens on the left.

The Automobile

Car, Auto, Automobile, London, England

Somewhere in London in 1993 I photographed this car rounding a corner.
It was the type of car that I’d never see back home in the US
and I loved it’s “personality”. It’s style. It’s body.
When I returned to London in 2011 this car had disappeared. Everywhere
I looked for a “distinctive body” automobile, none where spotted.
The same is true for back home. I converse with friends that everything
looks alike now. Fords look like Hondas look like GMs look like Nissan etc.,
etc., etc. I wish I had my 1972 Pontiac LeMans. That was style. That was class.

The Tunnel…

Needles Highway, South Dakota

There are several very narrow car tunnels in South Dakota.
This one was on Rte 87 Needles Highway near Custer, SD.

Antique Beauty


To have one would be my wish.