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The Eiffel Tower…

Las Vegas Eiffel Tower

…in Las Vegas.

Want More Work? I’ve Got The Secret!

Casino Las Vegas

And the secret is….do it for free! Yea, I’m being a wiseguy but it stems from frustration.¬†Lately I’ve been getting requests for job estimates with high expectations and low payment. ¬†“Can you do a multi-thousand dollar job for less than a grand?” Sure! But do you mind if I use a disposable camera and you get the processing done? And I won’t be bringing an assistant.

(The Las Vegas image has nothing to do with any possible assignments. I just love to think about the place, especially now.)

And for those with an interest in all things video games, check out my favorite blog on the topic – Gameternity. (It’s my favorite blog because it’s written by my son.)