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The Cloud Mountain

Iceland, Vik, Mountain, Clouds

Early morningĀ near Vik, Iceland.


The Chair in Iceland

Iceland, Ring Road, Route 1, Chair, Mountains, Overcast, Clouds

Spotted somewhere on the Ring Road tour (Route 1) in Iceland.

On the Road in Iceland

Iceland, Clouds, Mountain

Somewhere on the road between Kirkjubaejarklaustur and
the Skaftafell glacier, this jagged edge of a mountain appeared.

Somewhere in Iceland


The cloud and mountain image was capturedĀ on Rte 35 near Hveragedi.
We were traveling to Pingvellir National Park but I decided to go exploring another way and never made it.
In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t done that. Now I have to return to visit Pingvellir.

Storm Clouds…

Storm Clouds, Field, Farm, Landscape

…over a farm house somewhere in the country.

Arizona Sky


Somewhere never Monument Valley in Arizona.

Back to the Future…

Arizona, Highway

“Where are we Mom?” asked Joey.
“Don’t know Joey,” answered his Mom.
“When will we get there Mom?”
“Don’t know Joey.”
“What do you know Mom?” asked Joey.
“We’re heading back to the future,” said his Mom.
“When do we eat?”
“Don’t know Joey.”
“I don’t like this trip,” thought Joey.