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Twilight Zone

Comic Con, New York, Twilight Zone, Cosplay

New York Comic Con guests dressed as the doctors from the Twilight Zone episode.

(Almost time to buy this year’s tickets!)

SuperHero Portraits

As a child I only had one wish – to be Superman. As an adult I only have one wish – to be Superman. Things don’t change much for me but my reasons now are more pragmatic. I’m not interested in saving the world anymore, I want to get around without paying the high cost of gasoline.
I still have an interest in comic books and enjoy attending the ComicCon in NYC each year. It’s not like the comic book conventions I attended as a teenager because movies and TV have become part of the show. And a part of the show that I love, is seeing the people who dress up as their favorite characters. Some costumes are so elaborate it makes you wonder how they got to the convention. With camera in hand I wander the floor shooting portraits of superheroes that love to pose. What more could a wannabe Superman ask for? I posted a new SuperHero¬†Portrait¬† Gallery on my website. Stop by and take a look.