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Comic Con

The Joker, New York Comic Con, Superheroes, Comic Books

Visitors to the New York Comic Con. The 2018 one is in a few months!


The Eye of the Beholder

Comic Con, New York, Twilight Zone, Cosplay

Comic Con guests dressed as the doctors from the Twilight Zone episode.

Aliens Amongst Us

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You never know who you’ll be sitting next to on a bus.

One More Day…

Superman, Superhero, Superheroes, Comics, Comic book, Comic Books

…until Superman arrives.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

It’s time again for the New York Comic Con.
My son and I will be reprising our roles as
Walt and Jessie for our trip to the Con tomorrow.
Looking forward to the Day!

Man in the Hats

NYC, New York City, Manhattan, comiccon, comic con

At times, when you can’t make a decision,
just go with everything.


batman, superhero, comic book

Recently updated my Superhero/Comic Book/New York Comic Con webpage.
Here’s my Comic Con Batman link – Rich Green Photography.
Folks dressed up as Batman, Superman and other superheroes.
At the 2014 con, the original Batman suits worn in the movies were on
display for Batman’s 75 anniversary. He was born in 1939. Superman in 1938.
It’s always a lot of fun to go to the comic cons, but they are TOO crowded.