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Over the Canyon

Jet Flight

Flying over the Grand Canyon.
Photograph taken on a trip to the North Rim.


Jet, airplane, commercial flight, arizona

…somewhere over Arizona.

Day 12 – The Journey Ends

sunset, clouds, airplane, jet, commercial flight

A sunset is visible in the distance on the plane flight home.

The images I have previously posted were taken on each specific day of the trip.
Over the next few months (and longer) I’ll be displaying more.

It was a wonderful journey.

On The Road…

Jet, airplane, commercial flight, arizona

On Tuesday I  mentioned about my road trip out west. The image is somewhere over Arizona at the start and before landing in Las Vegas. I am going to post more images after I copyright register them.

For a quickie recap, the trip started in Vegas and we traveled to the Hoover Dam, to Flagstaff, AZ. to Socorro, NM, through Roswell, NM, to Carlsbad, NM back to Chinle, AZ finally returning to Vegas. The destinations were based on visiting Sunset Crater, Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest, Very Large Array, Aliens (Roswell), Carlsbad Caverns, Canyon de Chelly, Horseshoe Bend (Grand Canyon) and returning to Las Vegas for a zipline ride off a mountain. (I’m afraid of heights but the zipline was amazing!)

My Route – leaving Vegas > 93S to 40W to 180W to 60W to 25S to 380W to 70W to 285S to 180S. Returning to Vegas > 285N to 40E to 191N to 59W to 591W to 160W to 98W to 89S (short distance, then u turn) 89N to 89A (south) to 389W to 59W to 9W to 15S and ending in Vegas.