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I’ve Been Cleared To Fly

I was on assignment last year photographing a portrait of a pilot. I made this photograph while waiting for the gentleman to “strike another pose”. Whenever any photographer is working, he/she must always look for the unexpected moments or settings or opportunities because you never know what will present itself.


Tug Boat on the Red Carpet

A closeup photograph of a very red tug boat taken in the Bahamas several years ago. While I added this image in my stock photograph collection, I’m not sure if it’ll ever be licensed. But I love the color.

I added this image to my updated Travel Collection – Rich Green Photography website.

On my Rich Green Facebook page today is a link for working photographers – Download Photoshop C6 Beta. Many friends use either Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture but I’m still in the Photoshop camp for the majority of my digital processing.

Las Vegas Lion

If you visit Las Vegas and stay at the MGM Grand Hotel you will NOT see Leo the Lion looking like this. This was how he looked back in the 1990’s when the hotel opened. When I last visited in 2009, this huge architectural creation had been demolished and replaced with a statue sitting on a platform. What isn’t conveyed in this photograph is the size of the lion. Directly in front of me, below the lion’s mouth, are the doors to the hotel. The lion’s head was about 2 to 3 stories tall and 40 to 60 feet wide. I had heard, but do not know if it’s true, is that the sculpture was torn down because Asian visitors to the hotel considered it bad luck to walk into a lion’s mouth. Either way, the replacement statue pales in comparison to this giant beauty.