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New Year’s Resolutions – What I WON’T be doing this year…

> Read emails
> Answer emails
> Send new emails
> Network on Facebook
> Network on Linked In
> Read web forums
> Post on web forums
> Post on my blog
> Research consumer trends
> Research the next shoot
> Plan the next shoot
> Scout locations for next shoot
> Speak with talent for next shoot
> Add new images to web site
> Write new opinions on blog
> Upload images to blog
> Optimize website for search engines
> Add new links to website
> Add new images to Archive to sell prints
> Keyword images
> Caption images
> Study image sales data
> Retouch photographs
> Scan model’s release forms
> Add identifying photos to model’s release forms
> Upload model’s release form to Stock agency’s portal
> Upload low rez images to Stock agency’s portal
> Upload high rez images to Stock agency’s portal
> Archive photographs
> Find image that you promised to someone
> Retouch image that you promised to someone
> Post images on ftp for download that you promised to someone
> Make prints people requested
> Research web marketing strategies
> Make photo calls to ad agencies to beg for work
> Update email mailing list
> Update postcard mailing list
> Design and layout post card
> Send post card print order
> Buy stamps
> Address and mail post cards
> Send marketing emails
> Plan to teach photo seminar to supplement income
> Speak to client about possible photo assignment
> Research possible photo assignment
> Create estimate for possible photo assignment
> Send invoices
> Pay invoices
> Research new available equipment
> Find out why camera is not working properly
> Order new strobe lamps
> Test new camera that just arrived
> Learn how to use the new camera that just arrived
> Repair cameras and equipment
> Sell old cameras and equipment on ebay
> Update new software on computer
> Update new software on laptop
> Learn new Photoshop techniques
> Learn new web gallery techniques
> Learn new Lightroom functionality
> Learn new proprietary camera software
> Read about new computers you should buy
> Read about new software you should buy
> Fix broken computer
> Buy more data storage
> Update Digital Asset Management system
> Relax and think creative thoughts
> Take photographs
> Watch reruns of Star Trek

Is any of this REALLY necessary to being a successful photographer?
Okay, maybe watching Star Trek, but that’s about it.

Portrait of a Senior Anarchist

Occupy Wall Street for the senior crowd. I captured this photograph several years ago – an environment portrait of a senior anarchist. (She’s actually not an anarchist but my mother. But you all know how your Mom can drive you crazy, so it’s just a little revenge on my part.)

Question of the day – what do you do when you don’t feel like doing anything? On a previous post – Photographer’s Daily “To-Do” List – I wrote down a whole bunch of things but today I still don’t know where to start. What do we call this – a quandary or a conundrum? Or is it just an off day?