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Life in the Desert

cactuses, desert, nevada, Life in the Desert

Life in the Desert.
Cactuses somewhere in southern Nevada.

Life in the Desert

cactuses, desert, nevada

Cactuses somewhere in southern Nevada.

Desert Floor

Arizona, Canyon de Chelly, Desert

Photograph from somewhere in Canyon de Chelly.

For nearly 5,000 years, people have lived in these canyons – longer than anyone has lived uninterrupted anywhere on the Colorado Plateau. Today, Navajo families make their homes, raise livestock, and farm the lands in the canyon. The National Park Service and Navajo Nation actively work together to manage park resources. (Info from National Park Service. Click here to read more.)


cactuses, desert, nevada

…somewhere in southern Nevada.

Day 8 – Back on the Road…

Page, AZ, Blue Sky, Clouds, Mountains, Desert

…and returning to Las Vegas.
The image above was made as I approached Page, AZ.

Desert View

Capitol Reef National Park

Photograph taken near Capitol Reef National Park in Utah.

The Mountains near Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Desert, Nevada

The panorama was captured near the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

To see a larger version of the image, click here – NJ Corporate Photographer

Las Vegas Rain


Las Vegas is in a desert.
Deserts are known for their lack of rain.
Recently I spoke with someone who lives in Vegas
and he said that it rains around 5 days a year.
But, of course, when I visited last year
I just HAPPENED to go when it rained.
That’s the story of my life.

Desert Beauty

Capitol Reef National Park

Photograph taken near Capitol Reef National Park in Utah.

Life in the Desert

Remember when you’re lost in the desert and very thirsty cactuses are the soft-drink of choice. The photograph was made in the desert not far from one of my favorite places, Las Vegas. (I’m not a gambler. I love the lights and the spectacle.)