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1800’s School House

Capitol Reef National Park, Fruita School

Education in the 1800’s America.
The Fruita school in the Capitol Reef National Park.

Up Close & Personal

music students

Music students learning.

School Bus

School bus, student, boy, education

Several years ago I had to opportunity to photograph a children’s calendar.
It was a wonderful project where I could pick the children and
the places to photograph them. All photographs were taken in B&W,
film developed and printed in my darkroom.

The Pirate

Parents have a much more difficult time raising their children today. The basic questions of  “how’ya doing in school?” and telling them “don’t go getting into trouble!” have to be expanded on in this day and age. I recently told my son, “Being a pirate is not a job choice even in this slow economy!” (I would like to pillage though.)