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House in the Snow…

house, birds, snow, fog, winter, cold. eerie

…and birds on roof.

Haunted Forest

Haunted Forest

Haunted Forest. Some nature walks are ghostly by their very appearance.

A Foggy Moment

foggy road

A Stephen King moment while driving.

House in Snow…

house, birds, snow, fog, winter, cold. eerie

…and birds on roof.

Mystery Lake

Fog, Lake, Bird

A lake. A bird. Heavy fog.
Now we need a horror writer.

Foggy Mist

Trees, Forest, Fog, Mist

Early  morning fog and mist in Gettysburg.

Provincetown in a Fog


The Provincetown cemetery and Pilgrim Monument are visible through the fog and mist.
Photograph was made several years ago with 35mm film.

The Ghost House in the Snow

Winter, Snow, House, Fog, Foggy, Misty, Mist, Ghostly, Eerie

A ghostly appearance surrounds this old building.

Into the Woods…

forest, woods, trees, B&W, fine art

…to grandmother’s house we go…
It just ain’t my grandma’s house.

Photograph made with 35mm B&W film,
developed in my darkroom,
negative scanned and tinted.

Heavy Fog

Boats in Fog

Heavy fog surrounds boats sitting in the bay.
Waiting for Godzilla to attack.

Flying back from London

airplane, propeller

Flew the redeye last night back last night.
This was the only plane available.
I had to sit in the cockpit with the pilot.
He kept telling me that he was worried about the propellers.
He also said that with the recent problems with the
Boeing jets, some airlines were putting these
old planes back into service.
Glad I made it safely home.

Abandoned House

Can you get any more erie than this?

(I’d also include uncanny, sinister, ghostly, unnatural, supernatural, otherworldly, strange, abnormal, odd, weird, freakish, creepy, scary, spooky, freaky, frightening, bone-chilling, spine-chilling, hair-raising, blood-curdling AND terrifying.)