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At Work

The man who shines the bell.

My Blog Will Be Moving…


In a few days, this blog will find a new home.
For several years, I have had 2 photo blogs.
The other one is self-hosted, as opposed to this one which is hosted by WordPress.
I thought it time to finally move everything under one banner.
I don’t know how¬†efficiently the transfer will go, whether my followers will move, but I’m ready.

The New Home of Rich Green’s Photography Blog

Train Engineer

Train engineer

Portrait of a train engineer hard at work in the train yard.

Mechanical Beast


Trains. High speed. Low Speed. Sightseeing. Commuting. Whatever.

I love Trains

What is it about trains that bring out the little boy in all of us?


I posted a new photo gallery titled “Life” on my Rich Green Photography people and lifestyle website (as opposed to my RJGreenphotography site which focuses on my corporate work.