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London, England, Parliament

Photograph made on a return visit to London several years ago.
I love traveling to England, but am not sure about the future.
When I made my first trip for my honeymoon in 1984, the roundtrip
tickets for my wife and I were around $200 each.
If only that were still the case today.


A Visit to Stonehenge


Photograph made several years ago while visiting England.
Photographed with 35mm color print film.

Speakers Corner


Speakers Corner – Hyde Park, London, England.
A Speaker in search of an audience.
Photographed with 35mm Kodachrome film.

London Underground

London, Underground, Subway, Public Transportation

Waiting for the Underground (Subway in American lingo).

Watching the Neighbors

Dover Caste, Dover England, English Channel

Photograph was made looking out a window
in Dover Castle, Dover, England.
The English Channel is visible in the distance.

Hollywood on the Thames

London, England, Thames, Filming, Movie, Hollywood

Photograph taken years ago.
For those never having been to London,
this is where the London Eye will be built.
I wonder what they were filming.

Big Ben

London Cab and Big Ben and Parliament

Big Ben and a taxi.

Piccadilly Circus


An adventure in London!

On the Road…

Portrait taken in Dover, England before visiting Dover Castle.

Perfect Parking Space.

Somewhere in England, the owner of that car found the perfect parking space
– just outside the front door.

An American Abroad

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England.

On the Road to Bath

Ancient Roman baths in Bath, England.

Traveling in London

 It’s something you don’t see often,  a bicycle with a carry container in the front loaded with kids.

Carousel on the Beach

A carousel on the beach in Brighton, England. A surreal moment where anything can happen.

A Street Performer in London

Man on a unicycle performs in front of a crowd with a little girl.

A street performer and a little girl
in London’s Covent Garden entertain a crowd of people.

My New Neighbors

Need I say more?

Dover Castle, Dover, England

Dover Castle is on the south coast of England on the English Channel.
I wish I were king 500 years ago so I could behead somebody.

British Philosophy

Some British philosophy from a trip to England. Highly recommended.

London at Night

Parliament, Big Ben, London, England

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to London. I think it’s time to go back.

Visiting Stonehenge


Photograph made several years ago while visiting England.
Photographed originally with 35mm color print film.

Young Lady

Arundel, England, Child, Girl

Young lady somewhere in England.

The Pub

Pub, Bar, London, England, Great Britain,

One of my absolute favorite places to visit
when visiting London is the local pub.
It is an experience not repeated in my neck of the woods.

A Street Musician in London

Street musician, london, england

In the Westminster Underground station in London,
a musician plies his trade playing the saxophone.

Young Lady in Arundel

Arundel, England, Child, Girl

Several years ago while in London, I walked into the Victoria train station and spoke to a employee behind the ticket counter. I told him of my disappointment in visiting Stratford-Upon-Avon. I said that it felt “Americanized” and wanted to see something “British”. He recommended traveling to Arundel. It’s about an hour south of London. My wife and I traveled on a train that reminded me of the one the Beatles rode on in “A Hard Day’s Night”. The view of the countryside was beautiful, and when the train approached Arundel, a castle came into view on the horizon. It was like an Errol Flynn movie. (Uh oh, it sounds like I’m Americanizing it…)
Arundel is a small town, around 3000 people with castle. My wife and I explored it and then walked around the town. During that journey, the young girl seen above, stood for a moment as I caught her image on film.