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Fashion Models

fashion models

You never know when you will come across fashion models.

Spider-Man Fashion

Spider-Man Fashion

Spider-Man fashion at the New York Comic Con.

High Fashion…

New York, Manhattan, Walk, Walking, Stoll, Strolling, Fashion

…strolling in the Big Apple.

The Eyes…

eye makeup, portrait, closeup

…have it.

High Heels

Women's High Heel Shoes

Photograph from an assignment several years ago.
B&W film, photographed, processed and printed in my darkroom.

Portrait of a Man Not Wearing Pants

Portrait of a young man

Just kidding about the pants.


Ladies shoes on display in a thrift shop.

Ladies shoes for sale in a thrift shop in New York.

From my New York City gallery of photographs on my NJ Lifestyle Photography website.

Teenage Pandemonium

Sweet-Sixteen, teenage girls, party, celebration

Photograph from a Sweet 16 party.
I accept only 1 or 2 retail assignments a year.
Usually the request comes from a friend or a friend of a friend.
Let me say, photographing a sweet 16 party means, for me,
that I need one full day to recover. It’s exhausting.

The Eyes

eye makeup, portrait, closeup

Closeup photography portrait of eyes from a project.

Portrait of Eyes

A young lady wears eye makeup.

The eyes have it.

High Fashion


It’s always good to have your camera because you never know what you’ll see.

Men in Dresses

Photograph taken in Las Vegas.