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Storm Clouds…

Storm Clouds, Field, Farm, Landscape

…over a farm house somewhere in the country.

The Mist

fog, foggy, mist, misty, field

Some moments are like a fairy tale.

Today my book “5 Pumpkins & a Head” is a free download on Amazon.

The Field

trees, field, solitude, b&w photography, fine art

Photographed with a medium format camera, Kodak film, processed and printed in my darkroom.

Martin & I

A field of hay in Utah.


A couple of years ago I was traveling out west (my favorite place to be) and happened across this view – just east of Capitol Reef National Park, Utah. At the time, back home, I was working with Photoshop CS5 (have since updated) and was reading the book Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers by Martin Evening.

With this type of book there are dozens of photographs used for demonstration of techniques and methods. So it came as a big surprise that Martin Evening and I took (almost) the same photo. (See above.) His version is on page 178-179 in his book and on the DVD that is included. Now I realize that millions of photos are taken by millions of photographers (amateur and pro) and many are of the same subject matter. However I was surprised because the place  is not exactly a common stop for most folks – but that it also wound up being used as an example in his book.

She Took Everything!

She took everything! Including the house!