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Bridalveil Fall

Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, California.
Photography made with 35mm color slide film, scanned with Nikon Scanner.

Love the National Parks, but visiting Yosemite today would
probably be a nightmare with the congestion.


Into the Woods…

forest, woods, trees, B&W, fine art

…to grandmother’s house we go…
It just ain’t my grandma’s house.

Photograph made with 35mm B&W film,
developed in my darkroom, negative scanned and tinted.

Lost my Head

mannequin head

Wandering the streets of New York, you never know what you’ll see.

Molten Metal

Aluminum, Molten Metal, Artist

An artist at work pouring melted aluminum into a mold.


water reflection

A summertime photograph.

Wet Leaves in B&W

rain, black and white, leaves

After a rainstorm, wet leaves.
Photograph originally make with 35mm color slide film.
Scanned, processed and developed in B&W.

Good Morning…

Sunrise and the Statue of Liberty

from Lady Liberty.

The Instrument

Trumpet, Musician

You can feel the music while only seeing the trumpet. What a musician does.

Spring is here

closeup of flower petals

Closeup of Flower Petals.

Morning on a Lake

Early Morning on a Lake

Early morning on a lake.
A damaged dock floats in the water.

Journey into the Unknown


The Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Watching the Watcher

Artist, art, Painting, Art lover

Who’s watching who?

Flowers in the Snow

Snow Flower

Flowers outside my door after a snowstorm.

A Family of Zebras


A beautiful animal.

Statute of LIberty

statue of liberty, jet

Photograph of a jet in flight leaving from Newark Liberty Airport.

Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building in Manhattan, New York City.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

in Black and White.

To Boldly Go…….

Full Moon

Partial view of a full moon.
Photographed using a Celestron 8 inch telescope.

The General Store


Part of Americana that one doesn’t see much anymore.

Photograph taken in Pennsylvania several years ago using 35mm slide film.


amusement park ride, child, little girl

A summertime vacation ride at an amusement park should be fun and exciting for a little girl.
So why is this little girl crying? Because she doesn’t have the front seat on
this two person ride. Which goes to show, even when you have everything you want,
disappointment is still a possibility.

Morning Rain


Photographed early in the morning after some falling rain.
I always wondered by someone put those eyeglasses on the stone post.
Photograph made with 35mm Kodak Tmax film, developed and printed
in my darkroom.



Photograph of boat in Provincetown, Cape Cod.
Taken in B&W with Kodak film and printed in my darkroom.

Old Barn

barn, farm, field, B&W, fine art

Medium format Kodak film. Processed and developed in my darkroom.

The Field

trees, field, solitude, b&w photography, fine art

Photographed with a medium format camera, Kodak film, processed and printed in my darkroom.