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Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building in Manhattan, New York City.


Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

in Black and White.

To Boldly Go…….

Full Moon

Partial view of a full moon.
Photographed using a Celestron 8 inch telescope.

The General Store


Part of Americana that one doesn’t see much anymore.

Photograph taken in Pennsylvania several years ago using 35mm slide film.


amusement park ride, child, little girl

A summertime vacation ride at an amusement park should be fun and exciting for a little girl.
So why is this little girl crying? Because she doesn’t have the front seat on
this two person ride. Which goes to show, even when you have everything you want,
disappointment is still a possibility.

Morning Rain


Photographed early in the morning after some falling rain.
I always wondered by someone put those eyeglasses on the stone post.
Photograph made with 35mm Kodak Tmax film, developed and printed
in my darkroom.



Photograph of boat in Provincetown, Cape Cod.
Taken in B&W with Kodak film and printed in my darkroom.

Old Barn

barn, farm, field, B&W, fine art

Medium format Kodak film. Processed and developed in my darkroom.

The Field

trees, field, solitude, b&w photography, fine art

Photographed with a medium format camera, Kodak film, processed and printed in my darkroom.



An abandoned, decrepit home. Photographed in B&W with medium format film.
The image was scanned and is presented uncropped.

Mechanical Beast


Trains. High speed. Low Speed. Sightseeing. Commuting. Whatever.

The Train Station

Railroad Train Station

The Train.



Architecture photography isn’t something that I pursue,
but at times, I will see something that catches my eye.

Midnight Candy

Why is this store closed? The need for candy never ends.
Photographed with Kodachrome slide film.

Soda as Art

It’s about the machines, not the soda.

Visitor to an Art Gallery

Alfred Hitchcock meets an Art Gallery visitor.

Portrait of Time

Portrait of a Grandmother.

Watching the Neighborhood

Don’t you get the feeling that the refrigerator is looking out the window?

Statue of Liberty Sunrise

Sunrise and the Statue of Liberty

Sunrise over Lady Liberty

Where are my Glasses?

I wonder if the owner of the glasses found where he left them.

Polaroid Universe . . .


Polaroid photographs

… and I (occasionally) live in it.

Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building.

Snow and Fog

house, snow, fog, winter

An old house, snow and some fog.

Snow on Trees

snow, winter, cold, trees, branches

Falling snow covers branches on trees.