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Ice Fishing

Ice fishing

On a frozen lake, 2 men were ice fishing and one man, on the right, was observing.
My question, how is this fun?
Photograph made with medium format camera and B&W film.
Scanned with Nikon scanner for web use.

Rock Port Harbor

boats, harbor, cape ann, massachusetts

Boats in Rock Port Harbor, Cape Ann, Massachusetts.
I captured this photograph several years ago using a medium format camera.
The 120/220 film was scanned on my Nikon 8000 scanner.

The Fisherman

Fisherman, Fishing, Boating, Boating, Delaware River, Delaware Water Gap, River

The fisherman and boaters on the Delaware River.


fisherman, boat, boats, harbor

Going to work.

Sinking Ship

Boats in a harbor on a foggy morning in Cape Cod.

Early morning fog and mystery in the bay.
“The fog slowly rolled in and a monster arose from the sea.”
Time to film a horror movie.

Autumn Fisherman

Fisherman, Delaware River

A fisherman in the Delaware River hoping for a catch.



Photograph of boat in Provincetown, Cape Cod.
Taken in B&W with Kodak film and printed in my darkroom.

B&W Ocean

Ocean, Jetty, waves, fishermen, fishingn

While plowing through some old negatives I happened upon
this photograph taken at the ocean many years ago.

Phantom Boat

Fishing boat heads out in early morning fog.

Wintertime Photography

I love photography in the winter. My problem is, I can’t tolerate the cold very well so I don’t capture many images. My dream is to go to the Antarctica but I’d probably freeze once I got a 100 miles south of the equator. (I’ve told friends that if I had been born 500 years ago in the Western Hemisphere, I would’ve been an Aztec and not a Lakota.) Considering that, it still amazes me that I was able to capture the moment above with a medium format camera. I had a Bronica GS-1 loaded with Kodak B&W T-Max film. (For the life of me, I can’t remember why I had that camera. When I do shoot some winter photos, I always carried a 35mm, or an equivalent digital body today. It’s easier to keep warm with the smaller format.) I was with my brother at the time. He saw two men on a frozen lake ice fishing and decided to walk up and talk to them. (He’s in the photo.) That’s when I decided to shoot some images. I processed the film and printed it in my darkroom using a cold light head on a Beseler enlarger with Zone VI Brilliant VC paper.