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It’s raining umbrellas!


Las Vegas, Night, Nighttime, Zombies

Zombies are everywhere!
Including Vegas…

Merry Christmas, Dad

merry Christmas Dad, Rubber Chickens

My daughter gave me 3 rubber chickens for Christmas. She individually gift-wrapped each one putting it in a box inside a larger box put inside an even larger box. (I’ve put a wrapped gift inside only one larger box.) I had a hint she was going to do something, so I upped my game. When she unwrapped her “special” gift, she found a note. It said, “Your gift is hidden somewhere in the house.”

Waiting for the Subway

Radio Flyer Wagon

For those who remember the television show “My Mother, The Car”, this is “My Son, The Wagon”.
He’s traveling to Coney Island for the day.

London Eye…

London Eye

…started a trend. They’ve built a similar wheel in
Las Vegas and there’s talk of one being constructed in Coney Island.

London Double Decker

Double decker bus in London, England.

Loved traveling on one of these while in London.


Las Vegas, Night, Nighttime, Zombies

Zombies are everywhere!
Including Vegas…

Dressing for Work


We all have our business suits. For me, it depends on my photography assignment. If I am heading off to a warehouse, I wear jeans. If I am meeting with a corporate client to discuss a project, I might wear a tie or business casual. Then we have the gentleman in the photograph. I didn’t see a circus nearby so questions are raised. Is he a banker or a panhandler with an attitude? Which brings up another thought. Dressing incorrectly for a job can get you in a lot of trouble. If I were a banker and showed up naked or dressed as a woman, I would probably be fired on the spot. But if I showed up dressed as a clown, I would also probably be fired. Why? I’m not naked or wearing a dress. The color scheme is loud but it’s not provocative. It could be stated that it’s conservative. I do have a tie on. So there we have it. You can’t dress as a clown unless you really ARE a clown. Isn’t that discrimination?

(My own) Toy Story

toy, toys, robot, barbie doll

It’s almost Christmas time, and I’m watching my toys.
(Just in case they move.)

Roller Coaster Heaven

roller coaster, amusement park ride

I avoid roller coasters except for the occasional photograph.

My idea of a thrill ride is a rocking chair.

The Lamp…

street lamp

…in silhouette.

Portrait of “The Family”

Family Portrait

Rare portrait of “The Family”.
Noted gangster family, still in hiding,
who rarely posed for photographs.

Their m.o. (Modus operandi) was they dressed alike.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Not the real stars…..

At the Movies!!!

Radio Flyer Wagon

It’s the weekend and time to go to the movies!
You never know who you’ll be sitting next to at the movie theater because
everybody and EVERYTHING just loves going to the MOVIES!

Teenage Pandemonium

Sweet-Sixteen, teenage girls, party, celebration

Photograph from a Sweet 16 party.
I accept only 1 or 2 retail assignments a year.
Usually the request comes from a friend or a friend of a friend.
Let me say, photographing a sweet 16 party means, for me,
that I need one full day to recover. It’s exhausting.

Swimming Pool Orange

Swimming pool, Orange, water

Spotted floating in a swimming pool.
I guess even fruit need some relaxation.

Sweet Cheeks

Strawberries, Strawberry, Portrait, Child, Little Girl

A portrait of strawberries and the child who will eat them.

Amusement Park Thrill

Amusement Park Ride

An old-fashioned, but simple ride, that is still one of my favorites.
And it’s about the only one I can still go on without losing my lunch.

Portrait of a Tree Hugger

As I sit in a mall getting free wifi, I think I’m going nuts not having any power!

Portrait of a Sinking Man

A portrait of my professor giving a lecture.


It’s raining umbrellas!

Photographer Self-Portrait

The position that I  might be in while waiting for a client, model, friend, relative, coffee, subway, plane, computer-to-turn-on….Well, you know what I mean. I spend half my  life waiting…….

The New Neighbors

On the light fixture adjacent to the screen door a bird has built a nest and laid some eggs. (The screen door is on the rear of the house, overlooking my yard and deck.) It has been a sight-to-behold watching the bird build its nest in such a difficult location. Believe me, all of the “ingredients” of the nest kept falling off but the bird did not give up. When the bird finally sat on the nest I knew that it must’ve laid its eggs. I couldn’t see into the nest given where it was constructed, so I held a camera above it and snapped a photo. Voila! The babies in gestation. I wonder how long this process takes.

The British Car

One experience that I looked forward to and missed during my visit to England last year were some small details that separate our countries, like the car pictured above. I captured that photograph when I was visiting in 1993. I had never seen anything like it before and loved it. With my recent visit, those differences had all but disappeared. The cars looked very similar to the ones in the States. Any oddball looking vehicles weren’t as odd as the one pictured above.

And I also missed the sound of a British “police or ambulance vehicle siren”, that distinctly “foreign” sound I’ve heard in so many movies and on previous trips. On last year’s visit that sound was gone, replaced by the same sound I hear at home. I guess that’s progress, but I don’t really like it all the time.