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Happy New Year…

Flower with Ladybug

…from the Ladybug.


leaf, raindrop

…on a leaf.
Photograph made looking out my bathroom window.


Flower with Ladybug

…..and her friend.


sunflowers, bees

Summertime! It was a cold winter. I really don’t mind sweating this year.

Raindrops on a Leaf

leaf, raindrops

Always enjoy making these photographs of
rain-drop leaves that are in my yard.

Bees & Flowers

Bees, Flowers

Mother Nature at work.
We all have our jobs.


rain, raindrops, leaf

It rained last night.


water reflection

A summertime photograph.

Flower Petals

flower petals

Closeup view of flower petals.

Spring (is almost here)

closeup of flower petals

Closeup of Flower Petals.
Don’t ask me what kind of flower it is, though.
Maybe you can tell me.

Happy New Year…

Flower with Ladybug

…from the Ladybug.

Daisy & Friend

Several years ago I was on assignment shooting flowers for a calendar. When I spotted the daisy with the ladybug I didn’t have my camera in hand. I was working on another project at the moment, but I quickly realized the value of this photograph. My problem – I’d have to quickly head back to my office, retrieve the necessary equipment – a 50mm macro lens – and return before the ladybug flew away. How lucky was I going to be? It was at least a 15 minute return trip. Well, I guess I was. I made the trip, set up the shot, even bending the flower stem for an improved angle and the ladybug never flew away. If only I were that lucky all the time.


Why are they called “ladybugs”? Who knows out there in cyberspace?