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Portrait of the Past

An American Civil War Reenactor at the Gettysburg National Park in Pennsylvania where a major battle happened in July 1863.

Early Morning…

Trees, Forest, Fog, Mist

Early morning fog and mist in Gettysburg National Park.

Dirt Road

dirt road, Gettysburg national park

Fog and mystery in Gettysburg National Park.

Good Morning from Gettysburg

Gettysburg, Morning, Fog, Foggy, Mist, Misty

Early morning fog in Gettysburg National Park, PA.

Sunset in Gettysburg

Gettysburg National Park Sunset

Photograph of sunset in Gettysburg National Park.

The Battle for Gettysburg…

Gettysburg, Morning, Fog, Foggy, Mist, Misty
…and our nation began 150 years ago today. July 1st to July 3rd, 1863.

It was the turning point in the American Civil War but imagine if the North had not won…

…it was the UNITED States that led the Allies to winning World War II. What would have happened if we lost?

Just that one thought leads to everything else – moon landing, civil rights, FDR, personal computers, JFK, (fill-in-the-blank) – would we be a superpower today or just two – 2nd tier nations struggling to survive?

The photograph above is of the Gettysburg battlefield and photographed looking north west from Little Round Top.

Portrait of the Past

Several years ago I visited Gettysburg National Park in Pennsylvania. The battlefield was an important part of American history and a major turning point in the war.
In the years that have passed, many Americans have not only studied the Civil War, but have come to live it and “reanact” it for others. The idea is not to simply dress up but to teach others about the battle, the time, the lifestyle, the purpose of not only Gettysburg but other battles in the war.
On a Sunday morning, before leaving for home, I made a very early trip to “Little Round Top” and found a Civil War reanactor dressed in his uniform. We watched the sun rise together and I listened to him discuss the July 1863 battle asking “What if” questions concerning decisions the North and South Generals made in their war strategy. It was wonderful just to listen, but with my camera in hand I also wanted to take his portrait. He posed with the field in the background.