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Blowing Bubbles

Young lady having a grand ole time!

The Eyes of a Little Girl

Shot with T-Max 400, developed and printed in my darkroom.

Little Girl

child, little girl, daughter

She does the laundry.


amusement park ride, child, little girl

A summertime vacation ride at an amusement park
should be fun and exciting for a little girl.
So why is this little girl crying?
Because she doesn’t have the front seat on
this two person ride. Which goes to show,
even when you have everything you want,
disappointment is still a possibility.

Photographed in the days of film.
Processed and printed in my (former) darkroom.

Happy Birthday Princess!


Today is my daughter’s 18th birthday.
The photograph is how I will always think of her.

Children are the Subject

It can be a fun experience or one where you want to pull your hair out, but photographing children can contain all sorts of surprises. Babies, understandably are the most difficult. You work around their schedule, no compromises. Older children, like the one pictured, are willing for a short period of time to work with you. It helps if you have a prop or two to keep them interested. My experiences have been with non-models – photographing children for corporate clients who supply me with the talent – children of employees. Not necessarily a bad thing, I have met some wonderful kids who enjoyed having their picture taken. And being a difficult model is not the purview of just non-professionals – anyone can have a bad day.

The photograph above was taken with a medium format camera and a happy little girl.

The Eyes of a Little Girl

One of my favorite photographs taken many years ago. Taken back in days of film. I shot with T-Max 400, developed and printed in my darkroom.