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Lunar Eclipse

lunar-eclipse, blood moon

Lunar eclipse – 1989. Photograph made with my telescope.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas, High Roller, Night, Nighttime

The High Roller at night.
The Moon is visible on the left side.

One Small Step For Man…

Full Moon

…One Giant Leap For Mankind.
July 20, 1969
47 Years ago today.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, High Roller, Night, Nighttime

The High Roller at night.
The Moon is visible on the left side.

The Moon…


…during the day.

The Tree & The Moon

Tree, Moon, Blue Sky

Photograph made in Sunset Crater, Arizona.

Walking on the Moon


Today is the 45th Anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s walk on the Moon.

Lunar Eclipse

lunar-eclipse, blood moon

I’m a student of astronomy. I have my own telescope, great astronomy software – Starry Night – and look forward to those “special events” when they happen. Unfortunately, what seems like 99% of the time, it’s overcast when they occur by me. Case in point – the “Blood Moon” lunar eclipse that occurred the other night. When I learned of the impending eclipse, my first thought was, “Overcast”. And, sure enough, it was. And raining.

I saw and photographed a lunar eclipse once – in 1989. That’s when I took the photograph above. And probably the last time the sky wasn’t overcast. (Actually I’m kidding with that comment. I did also photograph Comet Hale-Bopp in 1997. THAT was the last time the skies weren’t overcast.)

Epcot and the Moon

epcot, disneyworld, florida

Evening photograph at Epcot, Disney World, Florida.
The Moon shines brightly in the darkening sky.

NASA Discovers Planets


NASA has discovered 750 new planets.
And, apparently, they counted the moon twice.
Go figure.

Lonely Moon

full moon

On a dark and lonely night, I saw the moon behind some tree
branches and heard the howl of a wolfman in the distance.

Or was it an old girlfriend?
I’m not sure.

Moonrise over San Francisco


Photograph taken on a trip to San Francisco.
Shot using 35mm Kodachrome film.

The Future of Inspiration

We are coming to a sad end in our NASA manned space program. There are only 3 shuttle launches left – 5/14, 7/29 and 9/16 – and American astronauts will NO LONGER being going into space aboard an American spacecraft. We will be flying on a Russian vehicle and paying them $50 million (or more) per person to do so. We will be TOTALLY dependent on the Russians to get to the space station.

Now I suppose, sometime in the future something will be built, but at present there are no replacement vehicles in the pipeline. We will still be launching the explorer vehicles to the planets – we’ll be seeing Pluto in the next few years – and the Hubble telescope will still be astounding us with images – thank God that the public outcry to fix/update the telescope was listened to. Congress/the government was simply going to let one of the greatest achievements in the history of the world to go silent. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been the same outcry about the Shuttle debacle. And, realistically, building/designing/commissioning a new vehicle happens slowly. There must be a vision and NASA has been in a battle budget between robot-centric folks and the manned-mission ones forever. Well, we need the robots – they go to the outer planets and can work for years. And we need the astronauts – they inspire.

I realize that many people say, “We should be spending the money down here on Earth.” Well, I ask you, “who are we paying to build the rockets, do the science, and even janitors who clean the buildings, etc. etc.” We are spending the money on Earth. We pay people, not aliens.

In 196o when we realized John F. Kennedy’s dream of “landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth,” the goal was a political one run by white males. In 2010, the “white male only rule” is no longer true. Minorities are a working part of that environment. We want to diminish that opportunity?

Yes, NASA is still in business, but when they have to rely on a foreign power to transport our astronauts, when they have to  kill the “return to the Moon” project, when they are told to “help Toyota figure out their car problems”… what’s going on here?

And what does this have to do with photography? Inspiration. (Moon©2009RichardJGreen. All Rights Reserved. Taken with a Canon 20D attached to a Celestron 8 inch telescope.)